8:15AM - 6:00PM on Thursday, November 7

8:15AM - 5:00PM on Friday, November 8

Registration is open from 7:45AM each day, be sure to arrive promptly to ensure an early start to the event.


If you do not receive your New York Vet badge in the mail before the conference, badges are available at the Registration Desk, where you can also find help with badge changes. All registered attendees must wear their badge at all times and will not be admitted to the Exhibit Hall or any Conference Theater without a badge.

Conference Theater attendance is reserved for attendee registrants only. Guests (eg, spouses, significant others) are defined as those who do not work in the veterinary industry. Guests receive Exhibit Hall only badges and are not allowed in conference theaters, but they are welcome to spend time in the Exhibit Hall. 


Please make sure to plan your journey in advance and make sure to arrive at the Javits Center early, preferably before 8:15am to ensure a quick and easy access to the venue and event.

We have created a traveling page specifically to help attendees plan their journeys; compiling all available transportation methods to ensure a smooth and easy journey to New York Vet.


You will receive lunch and refreshment vouchers upon your arrival at the event for both days. The Vouchers can be found in your voucher book, which will be in the attendee bag you collect upon arrival.

Packed lunch bags will be available from 12:00PM in the Catering areas. There are also other outlets in the venue, but if you prefer an alternative to your lunch bag, please inform us to avoid unnecessary waste.

When booking your tickets for the Show, you were asked to specify any dietary requirements, if these have changed, please let us know by calling us on 646-437-9080 or emailing newyorkvet@closerstillmedia.com


Please mute cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices during conference sessions as a courtesy to other attendees. Complimentary WiFi is available in the Javits Center for light web browsing. We recommend downloading large files (like proceedings) prior to arriving at the Javits Center. 


Baby Sitters’ Guild, established in 1940, provides in-room childcare, corporate conference back-up childcare and childcare for weddings, meetings or other events. Our sitters are from a dynamic pool of individuals with teaching, theater, art and nursing backgrounds. They all come with prior childcare experience, references and background checks. Baby Sitters’ Guild sitters arrive at each assignment with age-appropriate arts and crafts, books, toys, and games to keep the children fully engaged while in their care. Visit the reservations page on www.babysittersguild.com or call 212-682-0227 and use promo code bsg10282 to receive 5% off the hourly rate.


Proceedings for last year can be found at vin.com/nyv/2018. You can view and print these at the VIN Cyber Café, where high-speed internet access is provided. 



Floorplan booklets of the event will be available at the entrance. This will help you to find your way around our venue and will also indicate the catering points, the coat room, bathrooms, lecture theaters and exhibition hall.


Please note that you are requested not to eat or drink in the theaters. We reserve the right to ask attendees who do not comply with these requests to leave.

  • We will close theaters to new arrivals five minutes after each lecture has commenced and would kindly request that you remain in any lecture until it finishes to avoid disruption to your peers and our speakers.
  • Badges are non-transferable and we will charge anyone wearing someone else's badge the full rate of attendance ($449).
  • Under 16s and animals will not be permitted entry to the exhibit hall.  


A limited number of manually-operated wheelchairs are available at no fee. Please call (212) 216-2196 for more information. The Javits Center has sidewalk ramps, automatic doors at all street levels, restrooms and elevators accessible for persons with mobility impairments.  We also offer motorized Mobility Vehicles for rental (more information on the Mobility Vehicle Rental page).

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