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20, 20, 24 Hours to Go, Trust Me Smokey, I Wanna be Sedated Too

09 Nov 2023
Central Park Clinical
20, 20, 24 Hours to Go, Trust Me Smokey, I Wanna be Sedated Too

Ensuring optimal patient care often necessitates the use of sedation, despite its inherent challenges. Sedatives are commonly administered to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress, as well as to facilitate procedures, a practice pivotal for both patient and staff safety. The selection of appropriate drugs and dosages varies based on the clinician's judgment and the patient's needs, encompassing factors such as the desired level of sedation, expected duration, and pain intensity. Appropriate preparation, including the utilization of pre-visit pharmaceuticals when applicable, alongside strategies for preventing and managing adverse effects, contributes to achieving successful outcomes. Effective communication with pet owners, particularly regarding potential risks and post-sedation effects, remains integral to positive sedation experiences for all involved. This presentation will explore considerations before, during, and after sedation, offering practical pearls to overcome the pitfalls in sedating veterinary patients. 

Zenithson Ng, Clinical Associate Professor - University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine

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