NOVEMBER 8-9 2023

Portfolio Events

In the Dark: Why is My Pet Blind

08 Nov 2023
NYC Pavilion Theater

Dilated pupils and blindness are scary for all parties involved – the patient, the client, and the veterinarian. It is easy to forget common differentials of blindness and mydriasis in high stress moments. In this lecture, we will review common causes of ophthalmic blindness and mydriasis in canine and feline patients including retinal degeneration, retinal detachment, optic neuritis, and cataracts and learn how to differentiate between them. We will discuss useful diagnostics to help localize these issues to the eye or the brain and develop therapeutic plans for each condition. Most importantly, we will discuss urgency and prognosis for these conditions and what you can do to help your patient and client through these stressful moments.

Becky Telle, Ophthalmologist - Veterinary Eye Center of NYC

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