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A Revolution In Wireless Ultrasound For Veterinary Care

08 Nov 2023
Hands-On Lab
A Revolution In Wireless Ultrasound For Veterinary Care

Hands-On Ultrasound Wet Lab

Looking for Something Extra?

Our exciting, small-scale hands-on labs offer real experience, taught by the industry’s leading experts who will give you personal feedback. This is the moment to practice your skills, learn new ones, and ask all the questions you've always wanted to ask.  Geared for both novices and seasoned professionals.

The Hands-On Experience - Overview

This course offers a unique opportunity for attendees to perform various types of exams using handheld, wireless, probes on both phantoms and live animals using specially designed protocols while guided by leading veterinary radiology and sonography experts.

The workshop will begin with an introductory overview, a demystification of the often overly-complicated terminology, and suggested protocols for four different modalities.

Then we’ll jump into small teams with each attendee performing actual exams side-by-side with the presenters providing you with guidance, answering your questions and making suggestions throughout the workshop.

The most exciting part? You’ll be using the latest in handheld, lightweight, cable-free, probes, renowned for their exceptional image quality, ease-of-use, fine-tuning, and diagnostic options.  Budget-friendly with capabilities on par with many of the high-end portables and carts.  Making outstanding diagnostics accessible and for every veterinarian, technician, and individual involved in the healthcare cycle. 

In fact, you’ll be thrilled to discover that just a few quick exams each month can easily cover the cost of acquiring one of these units.

Experience the future of ultrasound firsthand at New York Vet!

Sponsored by: Edge Life Technologies


Add this lab to your registration or register by calling us at (646) 437-9080 or emailing us at vetshow@closerstillmedia.com.



There is one opportunity to participate in this course:

  • Wednesday, November 8 at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Attendees can earn 3 CE Credits when attending the course in full. 

This course is pending approval for 3 RACE-approved CE credits. 

Marina Ivancic, Founder - ZooRadOne
Stephanie Pisciotta, Veterinary Ultrasound Technician - TBC
Richard Joseph, Veterinary Specialist - TBC
Carl Gold, Chief Medical Officer - Edge Life Technologies

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