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Acing the Exam Room – Evidence Based Behavior

09 Nov 2023
Brooklyn Theater
Business and Practice Operations

Interactions in the exam room have a pivotal effect on client satisfaction, clinician satisfaction, and patient outcome. In the human medical field, positive relationships with the clinician are correlated with a statistically improved outcome for the patient1,2.  There is a significant amount of psychology that happens in a typical exam room interaction. These are human interactions and can not be boiled down to a scientific rubric, however, we can look at evidence of techniques and styles that work better and strive to improve our skills. Honing our exam room behavior not only makes our client interactions better and our day go by more smoothly, but it will also help our patients since clients are more likely to follow recommendations and more likely to follow up with us.

Barak Benaryeh, Veterinarian - Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital & Spicewood Springs Cat Hospital

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