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Communications Boot Camp: The Feline Enigma - See More Cats!

08 Nov 2023
Business & Practice Operations Theater
Business and Practice Operations

As the veterinary practice team perspective and the point of view of the cat caregiver.  The single biggest opportunity for practice growth lies in the underserved feline patient If you build it, will they come? With over 1500 participating practices in the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice® program, successful methods to improve implementation have emerged. How to market and promote from the perspective a communications and media professional, including a 101 on social and traditional media. Today’s reality, if you aren’t promoting, your competitors are. And being a CFP offers several opportunities for your practice to get a leg up. Specific guidance for interested practices will be outlined with the goal of an interactive discussion regarding the value of the team effort to become more cat friendly. By marrying the viewpoints of all the stakeholders, it is possible to emerge with a comprehensive plan to improve the experience for everyone involved.

Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant - Steve Dale Pet World

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