NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Theory of Sensitivity: When and Why to Use C-reactive Protein in Canine Patients

07 Nov 2024
Central Park Clinical

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a highly sensitive, positive acute phase protein in dogs. CRP is, and has been, a proven  powerful biomarker of inflammation; CRP is routinely used internationally to detect and manage active inflammatory disease in canines. The purpose of this lecture is to define CRP, outline reasons for measurement in canine patients, and review its limitations. Clinical cases will highlight the clinical benefits of CRP in attempt to convince when and why you should use this test.

  • Briefly review acute phase proteins and their significance
  • Discuss CRP and its physiology
  • Highlight why CRP is an ideal biomarker for inflammation
  • a.Emphasis on sensitivity vs. specificity
  • b.Emphasis on biomarker half-life
  • Identify the limitations of CRP
  • Broaden the knowledge you need to confidently use and interpret CRP in canine patients
Nancy A. Sanders, Gmo Medical Education Specialist - IDEXX

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