NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Anesthesia Mistakes Awareness

08 Nov 2024
Vet Tech Theater

The pressures facing anesthetists today are great; the anesthetist must fully understand physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, anesthesia equipment, and monitoring devices as well as recognize their limitations. Although the goal is to assure a successful surgical or procedural outcome while ensuring the patient receives the finest possible anesthetic care, mistakes can and do happen. During this 1-hour session, discover the most common causes of anesthesia-related errors as well as insight on how to prevent them.

  • Enhance awareness of the most common sources of anesthesia mistakes
  • Identify characteristics of a great anesthetist
  • Develop ways to avoid or minimize anesthetic related errors
  • Checklist use
Heidi Reuss-Lamky, Surgery Technician - Academy of Veterinary Surgical Technicians

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