NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Help, My Patient is Pale! What Next?!!

07 Nov 2024
Central Park Clinical

Although our initial assessment of the stereotypical pale patient is that it is anemic, pallor is neither diagnostic nor specific for anemia. In this course we will discuss the pathophysiology of, and differential diagnoses for, pallor. Armed with the aids of the client complaint, physical examination, and minimum data base, we will then review a diagnostic and treatment approach to the pale patient. Case examples will be used to reinforce patient management.

  • Emphasize that pallor can be the result of a multitude of issues
  • Highlight that the importance of a sound medical work-up begins with a complete patient history, thorough physical examination, deductive thought, and common sense
  • Understand how to formulate and use the minimum data base for the individual pale patient
  • Reinforce that treatment of the pale patient depends upon a definitive diagnosis
Nancy A. Sanders, Gmo Medical Education Specialist - IDEXX

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