NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Canine Dentistry: Chipped, Broken, and Abscessed Teeth, OH MY!

08 Nov 2024
Midtown Clinical Theater

Learning objectives for this lecture include knowing normal tooth anatomy and endodontic pathology; understanding the difference between a complicated and uncomplicated tooth crown fracture; and, the rationale for recommending root canal therapy or vital pulp therapy (pulp capping) for fractured teeth; and extraction in cases of tooth abscessation. Case-based examples will be provided to highlight patient management including how to perform vital pulp therapy step-by-step and emergency management of luxated and avulsed teeth. The pathogenesis of discolored teeth will be reviewed along with treatment recommendations.

After this lecture, delegates will know:

  • Know the difference between complicated and uncomplicated crown fracture
  • Know how to treat recently fractured teeth
  • Know how to perform vital tooth therapy
  • Know tooth trauma that qualifies for root canal
  • Know how to diagnose and treat abscessed teeth
Mark Smith, Owner - Consultations in Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery

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