NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Do you know JAK? How Janus Kinase inhibitors work and how they have been game changers for the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis

08 Nov 2024
Central Park Clinical

Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, DACVD will discuss JAK inhibitors. There are now a multitude of them in human medicine, there will be more heading our way in vet med. Because the number available are rapidly increasing it is important to understand how these drugs really work, what they can and cannot do, what safety looks like in this class of drug, and how to differentiate upcoming entries in the class. These types of medications play the biggest role in the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis.

  • Understand the importance and role of JAK enzymes in the process of cellular signaling
  • Appreciate the use of JAK inhibitors in human medicine
  • Realize the mode of action of JAK inhibitors, and their function in inhibiting the production of key cytokines associated with disease
  • Why JAK inhibitors
Andrew Rosenberg, Dermatologist and Director of Medial Operations - Animal Dermatology Clinic

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