NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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There’s Room for Zoom in Your Practice: Embracing Telehealth

07 Nov 2024
NYC Pavilion Theater

When asked, veterinary clients are clear they prefer telehealth visits to be conducted with their own veterinarian. Are you ready to meet their needs? Implementing telehealth as part of your service offerings can be relatively simple, and—done right—supports better care continuity for your patients, convenience for your clients, and staffing and scheduling flexibility (think improved efficiency) for your practice.

During this presentation, practical case examples and sample workflows will be shared. You’ll also learn how to fully integrate your team into these offerings and avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls. Finally, we’ll draw from learnings in the human healthcare space to take advantage of what has gone well and avoid what has underdelivered.

  • Know how integrating telehealth into a veterinary practice can improve continuity of care, efficiency in service delivery, and practice success.
  • Understand basic requirements, and their “why,” for establishing and maintaining the veterinarian-client-patient relationship when using telehealth in veterinary medicine.
  • Learn how implementing telehealth in veterinary practice can support better workflows and flexibility in scheduling and staffing.
  • Understand how communication needs differ when practicing using telehealth as compared with in-person visits (i.e., patient/client-side manner as compared with “webside” manner).
  • Obtain practical tips for monetization of telehealth services.
  • Learn how the Coalition for Connected Veterinary Care is working to positively impact the uptake and use of telehealth in veterinary medicine.
Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant & Journalist - Steve Dale’s Pet World

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