NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Veterinary Practice Valuations in Today’s Economic Reality

07 Nov 2024
Business & Practice Operations Theater

Rich Lester, CEO at Ackerman Group, will discuss how macroeconomic factors – inflation, interest rates, and more as well as veterinary market specific forces -- have led veterinary practice valuations to rise in 2024 after a softening in 2023. The market for veterinary practice sales remains robust. He will share the reasons why investors (including private equity) are so enamored with the veterinary industry.

Please note that this presentation is refreshed and updated based on current macroeconomic conditions and veterinary industry trends to keep content relevant for attendees

  • Understand how macroeconomic forces impact the veterinary industry.
  • Compare your practice’s performance to industry metrics.
  • Discover why investors find the veterinary space so attractive to their portfolios.
  • Understanding how buyer value individual veterinary practices
Rich Lester, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Ackerman Group

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Ackerman Group

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