New York Vet Builds


New York Vet Builds

The brand-new exciting feature at New York Vet, pairing forward thinking hospital building veterinarians with companies involved in every corner of the process.

This year we are introducing  the new Hospital Design Program, New York Vet Builds. This important area of the event to ensure you get the opportunity to meet and learn from industry experts, whether interests are consisting of construction of the building or the decoration of the interior, the planning or the aesthetics - New York Vet Builds is the place to be!

New York Vet Builds


What is New York Vet Builds?

New York Vet Builds is a state of the art hospital design program for veterinarians who are looking to refurbish, expand, renovate, redesign or build a new Veterinary Hospital. Industry experts will gather together to provide an educational experience to assist in addressing the most pressing issues veterinarians are confronted with and needing to know before initiating a project plan.

Why New York Vet Builds?

Veterinarians who are looking to expand their practice, grow their business, increase revenue opportunities and meet the demands of their customers will gain first-hand knowledge by some of the top industry leaders who will share best practices, business plans ideas, questions to ask during each phase of the design process, how to qualify and identify the best industry partners.

Who will want to be involved?

Veterinary professionals,  who are looking to build a new veterinary hospital, or redesign, refurbish or expand their own practice. Thought-leaders, industry experts and subject matter experts will share their knowledge of industry best practices for each of the design phases. Everyone can relate, regardless of current design progress.

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