Press Releases


Press Releases

  • JustFoodForDogs, one of the fastest growing companies in the pet food industry and inventor of the fresh, whole food movement, has moved its headquarters from Los Alamitos to Skypark Circle in Irvine, Calif., announced CEO Carey Tischler.  The 20,000-sq-ft facility contains the worlds largest dog kitchen, which produces 30,000 pounds of food daily.  In a departure from industry practices the kitchen was designed and built to meet human cooking standards. The building was completely remodeled into a state-of-the-art food production center that houses a test kitchen for new recipes, online distribution center and a number of amenities for its 225 employees, many of whom bring their pets to work.  

                JustFoodForDogs, known for using only USDA grade ingredients to make its small-batch, human-grade product, was recently in the news for having inked a deal with mega-pet retailer Petco to build 400+ “stores within stores” (many with exhibition kitchens so that customers can see how the food is made) within the next 48 months. JustFoodForDogs is considered a game-changer in the multi-billion-dollar pet food industry as the company eschews kibble in favor of food that is fit for human consumption but nutritionally balanced for pets.  It is formulated by a team of veterinarians, many of whom hold rare subspecialty degrees (e.g., nutrition, toxicology, dermatology, etc.), who are tasked with creating food to keep our pets living longer, healthier lives.  

               “We are delighted to announce that Irvine will serve as the new home for JustFoodForDogs headquarters,” announced Tischler, who said that a number of other major corporations including Allergan, Broadcom, In and Out Burger are headquartered there.

    “Our burgeoning business can be traced to the growing number of pet parents who consider their four-legged family members in high regard. Once they learn what unseemly byproducts, carcinogens and toxins go into commercial grade dog food, they begin seeking alternatives.”

    “It’s common sense that you can’t put meat in a bag at room temperature for years without first adding some very dangerous additives and preservatives that will eventually impact your pet’s health,” added veterinarian Oscar Chavez, JustFoodForDogs’ chief medical officer and a professor of canine clinical nutrition.  “Because pet parents are more sophisticated than anytime in history, we’re seeing a paradigm shift in the pet food industry that is giving rise to products such as ours.  Moving into this much larger facility will definitely help us as we continue our upward trajectory.”



    About JustFoodForDogs:

    In addition to its stores throughout Southern California, many of which feature exhibition kitchens, JFFD operates boutiques within dozens of Pet Food Express locations in Northern California.  Its deal with Petco will ultimately expand JFFD’s footprint nationwide.  To make the small-batch, human-grade food accessible to all, the company offers its recipes on its website so DIY’ers can prepare meals from scratch at home. The company also offers treats, supplements, veterinary support diets, custom formulations and a cat recipe. The foods are available online and can be shipped nationwide. To learn more about JustFoodForDogs, visit www.justfoodfordogs.com.



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