Feline Orthopedics: Cats Are Not Small Dogs



Feline Orthopedics: Cats Are Not Small Dogs

07 Nov 2019
Clinician’s Brief Clinical Theater 1
The limping cat presents a unique challenge to clinicians. Although most patients that present to orthopedic surgeons are dogs, cats are prone to many of the same conditions but they may not be treated in the same manner. This lecture will cover a range of orthopedic diseases that are commonly seen in cats as well as review differences in anatomy and physical examination when compared to dogs. Conditions covered will include capital physeal fractures, patella luxation, cranial cruciate ligament rupture, synovial osteochondromatosis, Achilles tendon rupture, fractures and luxations. Surgical treatment and post-operative care will also be reviewed with emphasis on differences between the species.
Sue Casale, Staff Surgeon - Angell Animal Medical Center

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