How Design Decisions Affect Your Budget



How Design Decisions Affect Your Budget

07 Nov 2019
New York Build Theater

In this seminar we will provide an overview of some of the most important design decisions that can impact your construction budget. Aspects of design that will be touched upon include, floor planning to create efficient, effective spaces; choosing the right materials and finishes for durability and economics; and reducing complexity in building systems, such as within the mechanical and plumbing design. Case studies and examples from our library of projects will be used to illustrate the concepts discussed.

  • An understanding of the basic concepts of floor planning for veterinary hospitals and how they relate to overall building size.
  • An understanding of how to approach choosing the right materials and finishes for your hospital.
  • A basis for finding opportunities to simply the building systems that are vital to the functioning of any veterinary facility.
  • A vocabulary to use when working with your design team to design the hospital that fits within your budget.
Ashley Shoults, Principal - Animal Arts Design Studios, Inc.

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