How to Handle Confrontational Clients



How to Handle Confrontational Clients

08 Nov 2019
Business Theater
Practice Manager

Within human-to-human relationships, it is natural for confrontations to arise from time to time; these need to be managed in order to maximize the outcome of an interaction. The uncertainty, heightened emotion and time pressure that are often associated with providing veterinary care can produce the perfect storm for confrontation to occur between a veterinary professional and their client. Given that a successful veterinarian-client interaction is at the crux of providing excellent client service and patient care, it becomes critically important that veterinarians are equipped with the skills need to successfully manage confrontational situations. Through an interactive discussion, this session will investigate participants’ experiences with confrontation while exploring a number of strategies that can be used to assist with defusing confrontational situations.

  • By the end of this presentation participants should be:
  • 1.More aware of the impact of their own communication practices
  • 2.Attentive to exploring and understanding another’s perspective
  • 3.Able to utilize a number of communication skills that can assist in defusing confrontational situations
Jason Coe, Associate Professor - Ontario Veterinary College

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