Ready to Grow: When, Why, & How to Expand Your Practice



Ready to Grow: When, Why, & How to Expand Your Practice

08 Nov 2019
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Practice Manager

Enjoying the status quo of practice ownership or have you decided to get out of your rut and grow and expand? There is a right time and wrong time; right way and wrong way; to get from where you are to where you want to be. Do you know WHY you want to expand? No WHY? No Way!! There are definitely better times to expand, monitor the economy around you. With the why and when in hand, the how takes time, energy and money. Let's talk about how to do it RIGHT!!

  • Understand the vision and mission you have for your practice as the why for growing
  • Understand the economic environment and how that impacts the when for growing
  • Understand the various steps needed to make your expansion happen
  • Understand the importance of surrounding yourself with experts so you can continue to generate income for the practice.
Peter Weinstein, President - PAW Consulting

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