Sell or Salvage Seminar



Sell or Salvage Seminar

07 Nov 2019
New York Vet Breakout Workshop

Is it better to try and make things work or just give up and sell the practice? This is a question that lingers in some owners minds especially after many years in business when they've become jaded by all of the continual mistakes, upsets, foibles, struggles and stresses that come with the "perk" of being your own boss. At some point there is no more rope left to be burned and they end up relishing the day they can hand over the keys to someone else and walk away. In this seminar we aim to show you that there IS hope left to be had and it's not a one-way tunnel to hell when it comes to practice ownership. There is a way out of the seemingly inexhaustive struggle to a more serene well-greased engine of a practice that will provide you the peace of mind and true freedom you dreamed of when the spark of ownership first manifested itself in the glimmer of your eye.

  • In this seminar you will walk away with a certainty on which direction you want to go with your practice and a clear-cut idea of how to get there.
Joel Parker, President and Co-Founder - Veterinary Practice Solutions

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