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Diagnostic Dilemmas and Failed Therapies and Fecal Transplantation: What's Coming Down the Pipeline

Nov 07, 2019
Business Theater

Diagnostic Dilemmas and Failed Therapies - The microbiota is an incredibly complicated mass of material that seemingly plays a significant role in almost every aspect of health and disease. The veterinary profession is in its infancy in our effort to understand this complexity, and yet we (and our clients) are racing forward with interventions, supplementations, and treatments aimed at impacting the microbiome. This presentation will attempt to present the “tip of the iceberg” to assist with informed choices when attempting to navigate this exciting territory.

Fecal Transplantation: What's Coming Down the Pipeline - Instead of trying to make you smarter (you are plenty smart already), this presentation will use case studies to prove to you that 1) you can and should learn from your mistakes, 2) frustration can be defined as opportunity, and 3) I will unveil the single most important KEY TO SUCCESS in veterinary clinical practice.

  • Diagnostic Dilemmas and Failed Therapies -
  • 1. Define the microbiota, metabolomics, dysbiosis, and what constitutes a probiotic.
  • 2. Gain an appreciation for the evidence, anecdotal potential, and limitations associated with microbiota therapy.
  • 3. Acquire the methodology and recipe for FMT in veterinary patients.
  • Fecal Transplantation: What's Coming Down the Pipeline -
  • 1. Learn important lessons regarding case (mis)management from others mistakes
  • 2. Perhaps rethink your thought process.
  • 3. Understand the relationship between clinical practice and positive predictive value.
Craig Webb, , Professor, Head Small Animal Medicine Section - Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

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