Incorporating Innovative Technology into the General Practice



Incorporating Innovative Technology into the General Practice

08 Nov 2019
Innovation Showcase 2

This presentation is designed to focus on how a general practitioner can incorporate innovative technology, specifically CT and minimally invasive surgery techniques, into a general practice. As clients become more educated and the cost of equipment becomes affordable, and the need to be "different" becomes more necessary, it makes sense to start looking at technology as a way to satisfy those needs.

  • 1. Our clients are asking for and expecting us to keep up with technology.
  • 2. Innovative technology is not only an affordable, but a profitable way for us to separate ourselves from our peers.
  • 3. Innovative technology provides us a way to increase our level of care that is within reach of just about everyone.
Shane Whitaker, Veterinarian - HIGHWAY 58 ANIMAL HOSPITAL

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