Economic Principles in Action



Economic Principles in Action

07 Nov 2019
Business Theater

Who wants to lead change? The veterinary profession is facing the evolutionary pressures of corporate consolidation, labor volatility, changing value systems, rising student debt, burnout, and barriers to quality veterinary care. These challenges can feel much greater than any practice owner or associate could overcome alone but we are so much stronger than we realize. Each person has the ability to take a step towards the changes he or she would like to see in their practice or their profession.

This program empowers participants to put economic principles into action to improve staff retention and job satisfaction, better serve clients, transition ownership to the next generation, grow your practice and approach business solutions as a team.

  • 1. Learn how to transform economic principles into actionable business solutions to transition or grow your practice
  • 2. Discover resources for professional mentorship, practice growth and collaboration with inspirational veterinary entrepreneurs
  • 3. Learn how to connect with and grow the next generation of practice owner
Melissa Maddux, Chief Education Officer - Calico Financial
Michael Dicks, Chief Economic Advisor - Calico Financial

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