Skin in the Game: Importance of Topical Therapy



Skin in the Game: Importance of Topical Therapy

07 Nov 2019
Clinician’s Brief Clinical Theater 2

Topical therapies are extremely important for successful treatment of numerous dermatologic diseases. This lecture will review the epidermis in relation to topical therapies, will discuss new thoughts on atopic dermatitis and how it relates to a defective skin barrier. Best practices for topical therapy use will be discussed. The importance of topicals for treating resistant infections will be covered.

  • -Understand the role of a defective skin barrier in the pathomechanism of atopic dermatitis
  • -Understand which are the topical therapies to use and why
  • -Learn the importance of topical therapies when treating resistant infections
Andrew Rosenberg, Dermatologist, Practice Owner, Medical Director - Animal Dermatology & Allergy Specialists

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