Surgical Extractions: Numb It And Remove It!



Surgical Extractions: Numb It And Remove It!

07 Nov 2019
Clinician’s Brief Clinical Theater 1

Learning objectives for this lecture include knowing the relationship of vital structures of the maxilla and mandible and strategically important teeth including the maxillary fourth premolar and canine teeth, and the mandibular first molar and canine teeth. A step-by-step format will be used to show the clinician how to use surgical techniques to extract these teeth. These techniques include mucoperiosteal flap planning and development, methodology for the periosteal release incision, buccal alveolar bone removal, crown sectioning for multi-rooted teeth, crown-root fragment elevation and extraction, alveoloplasty, and wound apposition.

  • be able to know how to make mucoperiosteal flaps
  • be able to know how to perform a periosteal release
  • be able to know how to section and extract multi-rooted teeth
Mark Smith, Managing Partner - Center for Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery

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