Getting the Most from Your Architect



Getting the Most from Your Architect

07 Nov 2019
New York Build Theater

Designing and constructing a new veterinary facility will probably be the only commercial construction project most veterinarians undertake in their lifetime. Success will depend largely on the quality of the design team you retain and your ability to manage and coordinate them effectively.

In this session Wayne will present the most effective process to balance budget, style, functional layout, and building style; illustrating the tools to get there methodically and successfully. Topics reviewed will include needs analysis/space allocations, project budgeting, floor plan design, site layout, and how to get a building style that matches your practice, community, and personal preferences.

  • • How to select your architect and building engineers
  • • What to expect from your architect
  • • Developing a project budget and realistic schedule
  • • Analyzing and determining the go/ no go decision

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