Your Floor Plan, a Key to Efficiency and Profitability



Your Floor Plan, a Key to Efficiency and Profitability

08 Nov 2019
New York Build Theater

Efficient services delivery, client comfort, practice image and staff convenience are all affected by traffic flow layout. A good floor plan provides more productive workspace in less square footage. Adding three dimensional features to that plan separates the good from the great.

This presentation will illustrate how to design a floor plan that promotes efficient traffic flow, simplifies protocol delivery and helps control construction costs by eliminating unnecessary redundancies. Wayne will demonstrate how to minimize non-productive spaces like hallways, as well as the most effective layouts for the income producing spaces in the facility. Finally, 5 completed hospital designs will be presented illustrating the most current design strategies for hospitals ranging from 2,400 – 12,000 SF.

  • • Creating efficient traffic flow
  • • Exam room layout options
  • • What size is the right size
  • • Getting maximum productivity by design

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