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What to Say When Things Go Wrong: Communication in Challenging Situations

Nov 08, 2019
Business Theater
Practice Manager

Unfortunately, the day-to-day practice of veterinary medicine will never be a perfect art nor a perfect science. Although procedures and protocols are put in place to prevent things from going wrong, the reality is that to err is human and we, along with other members of our team, will make mistakes from time to time. Yet, how we communicate when things go wrong, whether a medical error, a client-service blunder or other, can have a significant impact on the outcome of the situation. Research in healthcare and other industries have identified several communication elements that are important to address when things go wrong. Through an interactive discussion, this session will explore the culture surrounding when things go wrong in veterinary medicine and will introduce a number of communication elements that can be used to facilitate these challenging situations.

  • By the end of this presentation participants should be:
  • 1.Attentive to the culture that can exist when things go wrong.
  • 2.Aware of the role of an apology in addressing when things go wrong.
  • 3.Able to consider a number of communication elements that can facilitate a discussion when things go wrong.
Jason Coe, , Associate Professor - Ontario Veterinary College

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