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Courtney Campbell

Courtney Campbell

Veterinarian, Zomedica
Dr. Courtney A. Campbell is a board certified veterinary surgeon who specializes in orthopedic, soft tissue, and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Courtney Campbell graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. He has completed 3 one-year rotating internships and completed his surgical residency in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Campbell specializes in orthopedic, soft tissue, and minimally invasive surgery. He currently practices at a specialty surgical practice in Ventura, California. Dr. Campbell enjoys lectures and presentations including an award at the annual Veterinary Orthopedic Society Meeting for Best Clinical Presentation.  He most recently practiced at VetSurg in Ventura, California. Dr. Campbell has been active in veterinary media for the past 11 years. He is an author and the host of three popular podcasts and has produced much of his own veterinary content for years. He had the honor of co-hosting Pet Talk, a first of its kind talk show on Nat Geo Wild. He is now a recurring veterinary correspondent and pet health expert on daytime talk shows including WebMD, The Rachael Ray Show, among others. He has committed to veterinary surgery, veterinary journalism, improving access to veterinary care, and creating a more pluralistic veterinary profession.

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