NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Jeanne Budgin

Jeanne Budgin

Owner and Dermatologist, Hudson Valley Veterinary Dermatology
Dr. Budgin is the founder and owner of Hudson Valley Veterinary Dermatology, with office locations on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Thornwood, NY in Westchester county. She completed her internship, post doctorate fellowship, and dermatology residency at the University of Pennsylvania achieving diplomate status in 2005. Her areas of interest include feline dermatology, diet and nutrition in the management of allergic skin disease, treatment of drug resistant infections, and immune-mediated skin diseases. She is very active in professional organizations and currently serves as the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology representative and education committee member for the World Association of Veterinary Dermatology, and editorial board member of Veterinary Dermatology. Additionally, Dr. Budgin is co-coordinator of the Global Veterinary Dermatology Education Group, an independent international organization that supports, educates, and empowers veterinarians in underserved areas of the world to lead local ongoing efforts in training and advancement in dermatology.

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