NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Juan Casillas

Juan Casillas

OWNER / HEAD VETERINARIAN, Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital
An innovative leader in the Veterinary industry for over 20 years. Dr Casillas strives to give back and help better his beloved profession. Dr Casillas essentially grew up and lived in his fathers Veterinary hospital. Since a child he has been passionate about veterinary medicine. He graduated the youngest in his class at 24 years of age from Ross university. He hit the ground running owning 2 successful hospitals by the time he was 29. He also has a fervor and love for teaching and inspiring professionals in the veterinary industry, as well as speaking and inspiring challenged children from the inner cities. He has been on the cutting edge of traditional and alternative medicine since 1998. He is an expert with Veterinary lasers and chiropractic. He has made it a goal to share his vast knowledge in medicine and therapeutics, and to better the field of Veterinary medicine.

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