NOVEMBER 7-8, 2024

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Sarah Wolff

Sarah Wolff

Founder & Owner, Wolff Pack Services
As a kid, Sarah fell in love with veterinary medicine through James Herriot's stories (insert eye roll!). She jumped at the chance to scoop poop in the kennel at her local vet, and now looks back in horror at what a 16-year-old was allowed to do 'back in the day'. Since then, she has worked in almost every position in small animal practice, across a range of business models, and experienced both the best and worst of our field. After 12 years as a veterinarian, serving in associate, medical director, and team lead roles, she believes that client relationships are the cornerstone of our industry. Today, Sarah works with veterinary teams to care for both ends of the leash, creating sustainable workflows and exceptional client experiences.

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