Tapan Patel


Tapan Patel

Tapan Patel

Vice President, Bank of America Practice Solutions
Tapan Patel is a Regional Sales Manager with Bank of America Practice Solutions, the bank’s healthcare financing division. Tapan and his team have provided billions of dollars in financing to companies in the Veterinary industry. Transaction types include financing to capitalize construction projects, recapitalization, purchasing of veterinary practices, growth capital and equip veterinary practices. By offering customized financing options, their team can build an overall strategy to meet your needs in every stage of their ownership cycle – from concept to transition to retirement. Tapan manages the Mid-Atlantic market and specializes in financing the practice needs of veterinarians in the Mid-Atlantic Region including NY, NJ, PA, and DE. Tapan has 10+ years of financing experience and his in-depth understanding of all aspects of healthcare financing allows him to create a practice solution that fits the needs of practice owners in the veterinary industry.

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